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PAC-HV PLUS for Drilling Mud

PAC-HV PLUS for Drilling Mud

PAC-HV PLUS for drilling mud is referred to a type of high-viscosity and high-performance poly anionic cellulose product. It is widely applied in oilfield drilling mud to act as a fluid loss additive. This product can meet all performance requirements about the high-grade PAC under the Chevron test methods.
Physical and Chemical Properties 
Bulk Density 0.64-0.88 g/cm3
Particle Size Over 99% passing through 30-mesh screen
Degree of Substitution More than 1.0
Appearance Off-white, free-flowing of powder

Applications in Drilling Fluid 
When applied in drilling fluid, PAC-HV PLUS is really desirable as an inhibitor or fluid loss agent. The mud fluid prepared with PAC is capable of restraining the dispersion and swelling of both clay and shale in high-salt medium. In this way, the pollution to borehole walls is effectively controlled.

Applications in Fracturing Fluid 
The fracturing fluid added with PAC has superb solubility and high resistance to 2% potassium chloride solution. With convenient use, PAC-HV PLUS can be prepared on site. Other advantages include fast gel-forming speed and strong sand-carrying ability. In addition, this product can be used in the low osmotic pressure of stratum, providing distinguished fracturing effect.

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