About Us


Guangzhou Sheng School Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which provides high quality raw materials for feed and aquaculture industry, has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Sheng school is the first company in China to carry out the comprehensive utilization of animal protein efficient extraction. Sheng sent plasma protein, globulin has won the national key new product award, was included in the national Spark Program of science and technology projects, the state high-tech industries demonstration projects.

Sheng faction always adhere to the safe, stable and efficient product characteristics to build national brand, has become synonymous with China's similar products, products sold at home and abroad, many of the world's well-known feed, aquaculture enterprises. Tianjin, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Shandong and other production bases, through improving the industrial layout and production scale to meet the needs of the market. At present, the scale of the production of the protein in China ranks first in China, the world third.      

Sheng group, is the first national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, innovative high-tech enterprises. After more than ten years of development, has formed a large enterprise groups covering feed, livestock and poultry breeding, pig slaughter, low temperature meat food, biological products, poultry processing, agricultural and sideline products logistics, tourism real estate, finance and other industries, the company has 46 wholly-owned or holding company, more than 5000 employees.

Sheng faction group adhere to the industry chain development model, the layout of the national Sheng sent food industrial park, park integrated slaughtering of live pigs, poultry processing, food processing, animal protein and biochemical and pharmaceutical associated industries, and in the park surrounding supporting large-scale feed production and large-scale livestock and poultry breeding base, forming in the meat industry chain mode, with the advantages of industry chain of the association, in the realization of industrial efficiency at the same time, to achieve full protection of food safety of meat.

Sheng faction group will serve as the core competitiveness, and is committed to the exploration and practice of service transformation, to create a new business model. Focus on the sustainable development of enterprises, the maximum reduction of energy consumption, through scientific and technological innovation to make waste recycling, to achieve sustainable development. Sheng group through a good corporate culture and fine management system, with quality products as the carrier, continue to achieve and improve the “ technology Societe Generale, serve the people's livelihood, and promote the development of the industry &rdquo.