Regional agency


NP-2002 spray dried porcine plasma protein powder:
NP-2009 spray dried porcine plasma protein powder:
NP-90 spray dried porcine blood cell protein powder

Market oriented

Sheng school biotechnology services in South America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Japan and other regions of the majority of feed, aquaculture enterprises, to provide customers with quality feed protein raw materials.

Business process

1, phone / email
2, product technical indicators docking
3, determine the number and order of arrival port, offer
4, price negotiation, cooperation intention to reach
5, payment agreement, signed a formal contract:
6, pick it up, provide invoice, packing list and related documents:
7, delivery of the goods to the port,
8, product inspection, confirmation of
9, the balance of loans written off exchange,
10, the next cooperation

Trade contact

International Trade Manager Manager Hu
Mobile phone: +86 13512345678
Tel: +86 020-12345678
Fax: +86 020-12345676